Using your company’s starting date (or its incorporation date), we can determine the most advantageous times to:

  • Develop new products and services based on the company’s profile.
  • Advertise and promote. Time mailing for greatest effectiveness.
  • Introduce new products and services, schedule grand openings.
  • Buy or sell properties.

  • Assess new employees and match employees with the right job.
  • Expand, divest, invest, transition, reorganize or reincorporate, file for  an IPO (Initial Public Offering).
  • Apply for venture capital, back loans and other lending.
  • Join commerce associations and trade organizations.

Business Cycles Report

a complete report of the company’s direction for the year.

The Right Time

The Complete Business Package

Company Profilea report on the company’s strengths and weaknesses. What are its strongest areas for success, its diversity from competitors and most profitable areas of expertise?

Business cycles, a report of the company’s direction for the year.

Personal consultations with at least four of the company’s officers or other personnel.

The Right Time, a printed report and calendar to help time the introduction of new products and services and when to sign important contracts.


The personal consultation includes the personal cycles for the year ahead that help you to understand if you are beginning a new cycle, completing an old one or ready to deal with available opportunities.

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