"Thanks for all your efforts in helping me time the setup of my incorporation in order to purchase two McDonald's franchises."

Shirley Roosevelt, President

"Thank you for your assistance in the relocation of our factory and reorganization of our corporation. In addition to your complete Company Profile package, I particularly appreciated the personal support by phone, fax and email."

Richard Yorde, President
Anglo Compression, Inc.

"You did a great job of helping us get our business back on track. Thank you."

John Dow, CEO, New Jersey

"You helped us start our business in China 10 years ago and we are still growing."

Chan Chuan Seng, Singapore

"I continue to use your services since my first visit to your office 20 years ago."

Lenora Koca, State Farm Agent

"You gave me immeasurable help when I incorporated my company, and I find the yearly business updates equally valuable."

Lillian D. Bjorseth, President
Duoforce Enterprises, Inc.